Prices + registrations

  • Martinet Camp

    Residential camper:
    400 euros per week
    250 euros per week
    Brothers, residental camper:
    1st brother 400 euros, 2nd brother 385 euros, 3th brother 370 euros.
    Brothers, day-camper:
    1st brother 250 euros, 2nd brother 235 euros, 3th brother 225 euros.

    In case of 2 weeks enrolement:
    Residential Camper:
    760 euros both weeks
    450 euros both weeks
    1st brother 760 euros both weeks, 2nd brother 750 euros both weeks.

    Limited places by order of registration

    Terms of payment:
    50% at the time of enrolment
    50% before  15th June
    Payment method – Bank transfer.

    In case of cancellation by reason of injury or illness justified, it is necessary to notify the cancellation in writing 15 days before the start of the camp. In this case, 50% of the amount will be returned.
    After this time the amount will not be returned for cancellation. Any reason for abandoning the camp will not give right to any refund.

  • Scotland Camp

    Price: 1950 euros

    Terms of payment:
    500 euros at the moment of enrolement
    1600 euros befor 5th Juny

    Limited places by order of registration

    The flight tickets are nominal and in case of cancellation 21 days before the beginning of the campus the flight will be required to pay.


  1. Fill out the form
  2. Make a deposit to the following bank account
    ES58 2100 3603 7622 0036 7747
  3. Send proof of income
  4. Send a copy of the ID
  5. Send a copy ot the Health Card




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     Escòcia 1    Escòcia 2

Documentació a aportar en format imatge i pdf

Tots els participants estàn coberts per una assegurança

Si no es diu el contrari, els pares autoritzen a l'organització del campus a compartir fotografies on pugui sortir el seu fill/filla en la seva pàgina web, perfil de Facebook i Instagram